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Please contact John Skidgel if you are interested in joining the WR Technology Committee.

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To have updates made to the website, please send your updates to

Technology Committee

Clipart-Computer.gifThe tech committee’s goal is to encourage and facilitate communication within the school community through technology. The tech committee manages the website, online registration and supports the computer lab as well as tech within the classroom environment. The tech committee helps facilitate strategic technology goals established by the Site Council.

Below are some important roles for the school this year with an estimated time commitment. Parent involvement is critical to our success!

Tech Committee 

Position currently held by Parents: Lawrence Busansky, Tanya Caragol, Huey Hu, Dane Iverson, John Skidgel (Team Leader) and Jim Strickler
Position currently held by Teachers/Principal: Myla Manese and Jim Manheimer

Purpose: Plan and manage tech meetings, participate in site council meetings for strategic tech planning, help facilitate better communication with technology.

Commitment: 2 hours per month

Tasks: Participate in monthly meetings.

Web Content, Updates, Wikis, Surveys, and Graphics Designer

Position currently held by: Huey Hu and John Skidgel

Purpose: Leverage social networking to enable communication between teachers, staff, and parents.

Commitment: 1 hour per month

Tasks: Surveys, updates to School directory (under password protection), social networking, updates to website and calendar and transferring data to website under password protection.

Orinda Technology Advisory Committee (OTAC) Representative

Position currently held by: Tanya Caragol 

Purpose: Liaison between Wagner Ranch School and District technology committee.

Commitment: 1 hour per month

Tasks: Attend monthly meetings to discuss technology goals.