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Spanish Program Policies

Class Enrollment

Please Register on-line here.

Non-refundable deposit of 1st month’s tuition due upon registration. Registrations confirmed on a first-come, first-served basis, with continuing students having a preference. Enrollment is grade appropriate. Children will only be admitted into classes specified for their grade unless approved by the director.


Once a child is enrolled, class fees are non-refundable. Classes may be canceled due to low registration and fees will be returned.

Behavior and Discipline

Students are expected to behave respectfully, courteously and attentively to the Instructor and to each other. The Instructor or Director will contact the parents of those students who are not behaving appropriately to discuss remedial action. If a child is disruptive or misbehaves, s/he will be escorted to Bandit Club. Persistent behavioral issues will result in a parent contact and possible removal from the program.

Bandit club

Bandit Club plays a critical role in gathering and organizing students for Spanish classes. Each child will be charged an Administrative Fee when they enroll in Spanish class. If you have not already completed your Bandit Club registration, please visit Bandit Club to pick up a form. Bandit Club also serves as our backup in case of emergency (e.g. teacher is ill). We will make every effort to contact parents as soon as possible but we must be able to check children into Bandit Club if necessary to keep them safe.

Getting children to and from Spanish class

Your child must report to Bandit Club to attend their Spanish class. The Spanish teacher will escort the children to the appropriate classroom. At the end of each class the Spanish teacher will return the children to Bandit Club. Please drop off and pick up your child at Bandit Club.