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Principal's Message

At Wagner Ranch we are committed to helping students reach their greatest potential. Our focus is to build vital knowledge and develop skills that enhance creativity, critical thinking/problem solving, collaboration, communication, and curiosity for motivating a lifelong love of learning. An essential component toward student success is to create and maintain an inclusive, welcoming environment for all of our students; as well as one that celebrates our diversity and recognizes the contributions and struggles of all of our citizens.

We also take great pride in providing a physical environment that is safe, clean, well maintained, and aesthetically pleasing. We work hard to ensure that the infrastructure provides all that is needed to engage, stimulate, and support our students. Over the past seven years, all of our playgrounds have been rebuilt or upgraded, we have added an educational garden and an Innovation lab, and taken many other steps to provide our students with an environment that supports a robust educational and social experience.

A hallmark of our school is our strong sense of community. Staff, students, and parents take pride in being affiliated with Wagner Ranch and work collaboratively to sustain and strengthen our educational program. We are fully committed to living up to our motto - “Wagner Ranch is a place for everyone.”


Warm regards,

Shirley Clem, Principal

shirley and rocky