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PE Grades 3-5

monthly schedule

Warm-ups and rainy day activities will consist of a variety of activities: parachute, tag, resistance bands, dance, jump rope, pedometer challenges, and cooperative games.

If a Unit is in blue font, it means that there is a 'Home Play' challenge for that particular unit. Put the Home Play on your refrigerator and prompt your child to participate in the suggested activities throughout the unit.

Month Spotlight on Skills
September Soccer
October Frisbee (Flying Disc)
November Volleyball
December Dance
January Basketball
February Hockey/Racquets/Paddles
March Football
April Track & Field
May Softball
June Great Games

Also incorporated into the 3-5 Spark Program is Personal Best Days. Students will participate in approximately 12 Personal Best Days throughout the year. Each student will track their fitness progress over time completing a nine minute, or mile jog/walk, a 30 second push-up test, and a one minute sit-up test. Students will set personal goals for each challenge and record their own results. Personal Best Days will prepare all students for the California State Physical Fitness Test administered in the fifth grade.