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  • Ms. Brucker
  • Mrs. Manese

4th Grade


This year's curriculum includes. . . 


  • In fourth grade we grow as readers to challenge our comprehension through reading. While fluency is important we focus primarily on interring and comprehension strategies.


  • In writing this year, we will be exploring a variety of writing genres. We focus on narratives and essay writing. In the spring, we build on our creative writing by crafting mysteries and creating a class newspaper.


  • Building on the math facts, we will explore numbers in number sense, computation, algebra, measurement, fractions, geometry, and problem solving. Through math workshop and number talks, students will work toward mastery of fourth grade standards.

Social Studies

  • We will take a tour through California history starting with the regions of California. Then, we will look at life with the Native Americans. This will bring in the European explorers and mission period in California. After that, we will look at the Ranchos and finally end with the Gold Rush. All of these things helped to make our unique state what it is today.


  • We will be looking at Life Sciences with ecosystems , Earth Sciences with rocks and minerals, and Physical Sciences with electricity and magnetism.

Study Skills

  • Fourth grade is a big year! In fourth grade we hope to foster independence and responsibility. Students learn to come prepared to school and take responsibility for their education.

Physical Education/Music/Art/Library and Garden

  • All students have PE twice a week for thirty minutes with Ms. Fazio, our PE Teacher. Students also receive an additional 80 minutes (over two weeks) of teacher-led PE instruction using SPARK's lesson plans.

4th Grade Standards

Tips for Families