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3rd Grade

Welcome to 3rd Grade!
Welcome to 3rd Grade!

Third Grade Highlights

Third grade is a transitional year.  Your child is moving out of their primary years and into secondary elementary education.  They will be using all of the foundational skills they learned in K-2 to extend and push their critical thinking skills, solidifying concepts, and introducing a lot of new ones, too.  There is a heavy emphasis on reading chapter books.  By the end of the year, your third grader should be capable of reading books of 100 – 150 pages, or more.  Along with memorization of addition and subtraction facts, third graders must memorize basic multiplication facts.  Writing units include narrative and realistic fiction, persuasive review, information books, as well as researched report writing.  A tenant of our social studies curriculum is learning about the Bay Area and its surrounding communities, with a focus on Orinda.  Science units include life, earth, and physical science.


All third grade students will have art, music, library and garden time, as well as PE classes (each student has PE twice weekly for 30 minutes with our PE Teacher, Ms. Fazio, and an additional 80 minutes every two weeks through teacher-led instruction using SPARK's lesson plans.


Students should look forward to a busy and productive third grade year!

3rd Grade Standards

Tips for Families