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WRPC Board Positions and Other Volunteer Opportunities

WRPC Volunteer Positions & Responsibilities 

CLICK HERE to see list of descriptions of roles and responsibilities.



Wagner Ranch Executive Board



Jill Gibson & Kelly Kiang 

Parliamentarian Meighan Baldwin
Secretary Rachel Palmer


Christine Browne

VP of Communications

Susan Son

VP Family Connections

Ari Hatton

VPs of Fundraising

Portia Meneau & Kelly Rafferty

VP Operations

Jenny Mathews

Volunteer Coordinators

Amy Mourelatos & Brittany Simmons

Treasurer Christine Browne
Deposit Treasurer Eny Lai
VP of Communications Susan Son

Rancher e-News Editor

Debbie Wong

Web Content Update

Mako Neumann

Directory / Membership

Laura Allaire


Michelle Swaney

School Bus Liaison


EFO Liaisons to Wagner Ranch

Maggie Wang

   Gina Kumar

Health & Safety

Anna Delker

POISE Liaison (Special Needs)


Library Liaison

Qing (Jane) Cai

VP Family Connections

Ari Hatton

Wagner Gear Ari Hatton

Parent Education

Principal Jim Manheimer

Emergency Preparedness

Fang Lan


Tom Bradley

  Sharon Girdlestone
Campus Safety & Wellness Chair Sharon Girdlestone

Campus Clean Up 

Michael Bowen

Teacher Luncheons

Sondra Cleghorn

Helping Hands

Amy Stuffmann

Lost & Found

Rebekah Evans


Cathy Opdycke

   Ritu Goel


Teacher Appreciation Chairs

Rachel Palmer

  Michelle Swaney

Book Fair

Christine Chalmers 



Walk-A-Thon Chair Lauren Bennett 

4th/5th Grade Play Liasions

Claudia Sherman

  Sondra Cleghorn
  Amanda Sturdevant
VPs Fundraising

Portia Meneau & Kelly Rafferty

RevTrak Manager Leslie Millstone

Wagner Gear

Ari Hatton

Round Up Co-Chairs

Jamie Yammine 


Jackie Benetti 

Bandit Bash Co-Chairs Sara Whitfield
  Laura Andron
Bandit Bash Hosted Parties Chair Kelsey Wolfman

Bandit Bash Teacher Donations Co-Chairs

Anna Delker & Tara Deal

VP Operations

Jenny Mathews

 Hot Lunch Logistics Coordinator

Krista Mahlberg

Hot Lunch Volunteer Coordinator(s)

Rebekah Ko & Gina Gabriel

Enrichment Coordinator

Bandit Director Hester Bradbury


Brandyn Iverson

Spanish Coordinator

Kelli English

Homework Club

Bandit Club & OPEN

 Legal Consultant  Bella Shirin

Volunteer Coordinators

Amy Mourelatos & Brittany Simmons

Think First

Kelly Kiang (TBD) 


Jessica Sinnarajah


Martha Miller

School Supplies Coordinator

Qing (Jane) Cai

Incoming Kindergarten Party Chair

Sara Whitfield

New Family Coordinator

Claudia Sherman