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Forms: Emergency Contacts, Policies and Agreements

For Wagner Ranch JumpStart (registration) you will need to bring or prepare the below documents in order to register your child(ren):

1.  Emergency Contact Information.  
When you arrive at Jumpstart Registration, you will receive a copy of your most recent emergency form to review and make any necessary changes.  Remember to bring any new phone numbers (e.g., doctor, emergency contacts) with you so that you can add them to the form.  Once you have signed the updated form and returned it the school administration, you will then receive a ticket to obtain your child's teacher assignment. (Plan to complete at JumpStart)


2.  Parents' Rights and Responsibilities.  (Please read)

3.  Parents' Rights and Responsibilities Acknowledgement Form.  (Print and sign)

4.  Student Internet Acceptable Use Agreement Both parents and students need to sign. (Print and sign)

5.  Bandit Club Forms.  Bandit Club is an optional before and/or afterschool program held on campus. (Read, Print and Submit via instructions)