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General questions about our lunch program can be directed to the Hot Lunch Logistics Coordinator Krista Mahlberg.

hot lunch survey results

For general reference about the program you are welcome to view the 2015-2016 Hot Lunch Survey Results.

Hot Lunch Program

Meals to Go: Pick Up Meal Option (2020 Edition)

As noted in the September 25th, 2020 Wagner Ranch eNews, it was determined to not be feasible and safe at this time to open up our kitchens and have Chef Basil return to making the kids favorite meals until we return to a more normal mode of school operations. In the meantime, in partnership with Sodexo and some of the Orinda Elementary Schools we have defined a program for another meal option for busy families.

The program is called “Meals To Go” and provides an offering of a varied mix and match meals so you can get something to please everyone in your family! All entrees are $6.75 each and come with your choice of a side: fruit cup, salad, or cookies. The meals come packaged for individual servings with labels regarding ingredients and, if applicable, how to re-heat. Portion sizes are adult sized but not oversized. The meals can be saved for up to three (3) days.  For ease, the (initial) October menu including ingredients and nutritional details is available on the normal Wagner Ranch Menu page.  

This new service is open to all members of the Lamorinda community including Wagner Ranch families. Ordering opens on Friday, Sept 25th.  For the first pick up of Meals To Go on Tuesday, October 6th your order must be submitted by 10pm Wednesday, Sept 30th. You can also place orders for every proceeding Tuesday and Thursday in October/ the current month. Details on how to place orders (including the order schedule for weeks beyond Oct 6th) and the specifics regarding the meal pick up are below. 

For now, Wagner Ranch families interested in ordering will pick up their meals from Del Rey Elementary School. If there is interest we will work to establish a pick up at Wagner Ranch in future months. 

For any questions about this meal program please contact Krista Mahlberg the Wagner Ranch Hot Lunch Logistics Coordinator at  For urgent matters please call or text (best to text) at 415-425-2566.

How to order your food:

To order your food, go to by Wednesday, at 10pm (for food the following week). See detailed instructions below on how to set up and utilize your Boonli account. 

Order schedule:

Orders can be placed by 10pm on Wednesday for meal pick up on the following week(s).  The final orders must be in at least 6 days prior to the order pick up.  The system will clearly note which dates orders can be placed and which are no longer available for orders.  An example of the order schedule for October 2020 is below.

Place Order By ...  Pick up Order (Tues or Thur in current month)
Wed, Sept 30 (10pm) Oct 6, 8, 13, 15, 20, 22, 27 and 29
Wed, Oct 7 (10pm) Oct 13, 15, 20, 22, 27 and 29 

Wed, Oct 14 (10pm)

* Note: new menu items as of 10/12

Oct 20, 22, 27 and 29 


Where and when to pick up:

Meals can be picked up at the side/faculty parking lot at Del Rey Elementary School (past the main parking lot). Food will be handed out from the side kitchen door (usually by parent volunteers) at the following times:

  • - Tuesdays 11am – 12pm, 3:30pm – 5:30pm
  • - Thursdays 11am – 12pm, 3:30pm – 5:30pm 

Please observe social distancing protocols: wear a mask and keep 6 feet apart if in line. If you prefer to drive-up and have the food placed in your trunk, it would be helpful to write your name on a piece of paper and hold it up to your window.

Instructions for setting up your Boonli account: 

If you are already using Boonli for ordering meals via OIS or another location you will still need to self-register specifically for Del Rey’s Boonli instance. Please carefully follow the steps below to register as a “New customer”.  Once you have registered you do not need to do this again.  

If you previously had a Boonli account at Del Rey you can update the profile to be Wagner Ranch. 

New customers: If you have not previously set up an account on Del Rey’s Boonli site, go to and click “Create an Account” toward the bottom of the screen. 

  • - When prompted for a “PASSWORD for your school or workplace" enter "dre1"
  • - When prompted for "Location" select “Wagner Ranch Families”

Please contact  (the Del Rey Boonli system administrator) if you have any questions specific to the Del Rey Boonli system.

Tips on using Boonli: 

Boonli is being used because it enables pre-ordering unlike our normal lunch system (MealTime).  For the most part the system is fairly intuitive however here are a few tips and important points that might help you along:

  • - When you enter Boonli please look at which month is being displayed.  You may need to move to the next month. For example if you go look at this on Saturday, September 26, you will see the month of September and need to click the arrow(s) to navigate to October.   
  • - The days you can order a meal for pick up are marked with a circle around them.
  • - Click on the circle to see the menu for that day.  The menu is different for each day of the month.  Each item will note if it is cold or reheatable. (Reminder: all meals can be refrigerated and consumed within 3 days of pick up)
  • - After you select the item you will be promoted to select a side (a salad, fruit bowl or cookie). 
  • - Once you select that item you can increase the quantity to more than 1.
  • - You can then order additional items for that same day or move to future dates.
  • - You are enabled to pre-order for as many days as you might want in October.
  • - At the check out point you will be asked to enter a credit or debit card which can be saved for future orders.
  • - When you return to Boonli in the future you will see an indication on the calendar of which days you have placed an order and need to plan for a pick up.

*** Boonli requires a minimum order amount of $10 (or there is a $1 fee), but to encourage new customers, Del Rey has waived the typical $5 registration fee. ***

Help spread the word!

Ordering is open to ANYONE! To make the program feasible we need to meet a particular volume of orders each month so please spread the word to others in our neighborhood and community. If someone does not have a child at Wagner Ranch—or works at Wagner Ranch— they can follow the instructions above, and simply select the “Lamorinda Community Orders” location.  Glorietta is also offering this program for pick ups at their campus so if that is more convenient we can put you in contact with that school to order as a Community member.