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Pick-Up/Drop-Off Procedure

carpool rules

One of our primary concerns at Wagner Ranch is maintaining safety. Patience and courtesy are the keys to a safe carpool experience.

  • Drive cautiously.
  • Wait at the stop sign before you are signaled forward.
  • Pull up to one of the four carpool spaces in order without cutting in front of another car.
  • Wait to pull away from the curb in the order in which you arrived without pulling out in front of another car.
  • Stay inside your car as the child exits or enters your car. Traffic patrol students and staff will be there to assist students.
  • Have backpacks ready so your child can quickly get out of the car when you drive up to a carpool spot.

  • Drop-off or pick-up your child on the school exit road, Camino Pablo, Bear Creek Road, near the Nature Area or public bus stop on Camino Pablo.
  • Park or leave your vehicle at any time in the four carpool spots.
  • Pull ahead of other cars waiting to pick up or drop off unless instructed to do so by a supervisor.

WR Carpool graphic