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Behavior Policy

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It is the goal of the Directors and Staff of the Bandit Club to provide a safe, inclusive, and enjoyable place for students to spend time with their peers. At the Bandit Club, behavior management is the responsibility of the staff.

Bandit Club provides an environment where behavior management occurs naturally through a combination of continued support, setting limits, reminders, encouragement, and rewards.  Children differ widely, but inappropriate behavior can be lessened by the use of a range of guidance techniques. The most common methods used at Bandit Club are: 

  • Redirecting children to a new activity
  • Recalling rules to internalize positive behavior
  • Resolving conflicts by problem-solving and discussion
  • Providing a related and age-appropriate consequence.

Occasional disciplinary methods used at Bandit Club: 

  • Parent notification of the behavior
  • Verbal Warning
  • Removal from activities
  • Child is sent home
  • Meeting with Bandit Staff and/or Principal
  • Suspension or Expulsion from Bandit

Children have the right to be free from negative approaches to behavior management such as: corporal and unusual punishment, infliction of pain, humiliation, intimidation, ridicule, mental abuse, or other actions of a punitive nature.  

Students must follow the basic school rules of safety. The rules of Wagner Ranch School followed during the school day are also in force during Bandit Club hours.

  1. No climbing fences
  2. Must stay within Bandit Club boundaries at all times. 
  3. May not go to classroom, library, office, etc. without permission from Bandit Club staff
  4. Phone is to be used only in an emergency - No making plans or asking permission for play dates
  5. Must be able to play in a group independently and cooperatively under the standard supervision provided by staff

Children are not allowed to verbally or physically abuse or hurt themselves, staff, or other children at Bandit Club.

In addition, these behaviors are not permitted: 

  1. Deliberate mistreatment of other children
  2. Use of inappropriate language
  3. Uncooperative, abusive behavior (physically or verbally) toward staff 
  4. Deliberate misuse of equipment, materials and destruction of property

Group care is not appropriate for all children. In the event a child cannot benefit from our program, we reserve the right to recommend termination of care.

The Bandit Club Behavior policy has been developed to give children the ability to learn, practice and exercise impulse control and self-control. We expect staff and children to create and maintain a positive, inclusive environment. Our program promotes mutual respect, celebrates differences and addresses every child’s needs and interests, always with the children’s safety in mind. The result is a child with a positive image and tools to deal with conflict.